Dear Dogmushing friends

Dear Dogmushing friends

The Qrill Paws winter season is coming to an end as the Iditarod and its dog mushers have arrived in Nome. We are achieving record-breaking numbers of viewership globally. Qrill Paws is having a great pilot year, which gives us opportunities to monetize moving forward. At the same time we are witnessing the terrible corona situation and its consequences in all parts of the world.

The first season of the Qrill Paws consists of four legendary and historic ​​races all connected with our innovative approach to GPS vizualisation, TV production and storytelling. Starting this project we knew little how and if the broadcasting market would accept us. Now, only days before the Iditarod race is coming to an end, we have impressive data, numbers, and feedback to reassure this will be developed for the future and win bigger market share.



Our live broadcast has in the pilot season been broadcasted through The Qrill Paws YouTube channel. Thanks to our great SOME team and strategic work, we are currently getting the following viewership:

  • 9,1 Million unique views, and the number of impressions are currently at 15,4 Million.
  • Prior to the start of Iditarod, the average time viewed live was 20 minutes.
  • All very impressive to be a pilot year.

We have invested in innovative visualization technology to showcase the sport in a new and more entertaining way. Georacing has delivered a unique and innovative GPS tracking, which we have developed by every event thanks to feedback from dog mushers around the world. Our GPS platform shows the Mushers live in 2D and 3D, rank favourite mushers, view timing information at checkpoints, race speed, distance to finish, resting time and more. The feedback from users and broadcasters are very positive.

Our aim has been to bring the excitement, joy, and remarkable performance from dog mushing races to a world-wide audience. Even if it became a bigger investment that initially though, Aker BioMarine is happy with the first season as we have seen a major interest from a global audience. The aim is to help the sport and the mushing community to grow and to strengthen the separate race organizations, as well as showcase the world-class dog care. We have only just begun this journey, and already we see the great potential this sport has to offer. Transparency, storytelling with great distribution is key for our success moving forward.


I hope you all will take great care of your self and your organization in these times. Every adversity brings new experiences and new lessons. We will get through this. 


Matts Johansen

CEO, Aker Biomarine