Dear everyone!

Dear everyone!

Dear everyone! Today is the the day. The starting point of the next chapter in our dog mushing adventure together.

After intense weeks and months of preparation, today’s start of the John Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon in Minnesota, US, also represents the official launch of the Qrill Pet Arctic World Series.

From Aker Biomarine, we want to use this opportunity to convey our gratitude to all of you – for what we already have accomplished together.

And to wish all of you good luck with the exciting season ahead.

You have all been instrumental to materialise this «impossible» project in record time.

To all the events

Thank you so much for the trust you have shown us – from the time we started the talks about this a year ago, decided to “just do it” together, and landed the agreements. For all the communication, advice, tips and patience along the way. Without your belief in this, a worldwide series to take the fantastic sport of mushing to the next level, this would have been impossible. Now we are looking forward to carry out the pilot season – and finally being able to bring all the wonderful work you do to put everything right – out to the world.

To the Qrill Pet Mushing Team

Thomas, Dallas, Hanna, Joar, Marit. You are our true heroes. All this wouldn’t have been possible without you – some of the world’s top mushers – your engagement, knowledge, professionalism, openness and cooperation. QRILLPAWS is a product based on our great cooperation with and learnings from you.

To Maverix production company

Thank you so much for understanding our plans and thoughts immediately. You have managed to translate this into concrete concepts and action plans – with a unique execution capability within a completely insane timeframe. As we speak there’s an extreme focus from dozens of people to set up satellite signals around the globe and get ready for execution – producers, camera people, technicians, graphic artists, editorial staff, etc. You are responsible for the storytelling and the most visible parts of this project. All we have seen until now have been top notch. Now we really look forward to the LIVE studio productions, and later the ALPHADOGS.

To Supernordic, design company

Thank you, Arnstein and Luis, for a fantastic job of building a profile and the whole visual concept for QRILLPAWS. This is an important foundation for creating and binding together with consistency the comprehensive content package that we will now take out in the world.

To Georacing, GPS tracking system

From the start, one of the core ideas of QRILLPAWS was to make the sport more easy to understand. Thank you to David and Olivier and your team in Georacing for understanding this, and for being a close partner in building the tracking system with the best visualisation elements for digital platforms and TV.

To Racetracker, timing system

Thanks Daniel, for your swift and flexible setup of the timing system. Your data stream will be an important feature for all diehard sofa-mushers out it the world – to get the details from all along the trail.

To Nils Marius

It feels you are an integral part of Aker Biomarine (even though you have the consultant role to manage this project with us). You really have been in the eye of the storm throughout this year – putting your energy into every element of it. I’m sure all of the others involved can’t help but be impressed by your fantastic drive, endless optimism and ability to make things happen. Without you, no QRILLPAWS!  So far: Thanks, so much, Nils Marius. And we have just started this journey!

And also heartfelt thanks to Nils’ wing man Bjørn Taalesen – the experienced TV executive, for your vision, advice and help to open some important doors.

A lot of people inside Aker Biomarine have been involved in the planning and execution of our dog mushing engagement.

As our CEO Matts Johansen have stated in several occasions, we have this engagement for primarily two reasons:

  1. Supporting and helping building the sport of mushing goes hand in hand with Aker Biomarines vision to improving human and planetary health.
  2. With the focus on dog welfare, health and nutrition, this is a perfect arena for researching and bringing our QRILL Pet products to the market.

Today is the starting point of our next stage.

We will use this season as proof of concept to the market

Storytell the magic of dog mushing.

We have invested heavily into the production – to make it commercially viable in the professional tv market.


We have some good deals for distribution already (shortlisted below), and we are still working hard to get new international partners on board to create new revenue streams.

But we do know this: Already this season the reach of all the races and the audience numbers will peak.

And together we will give them the best season ever!

On behalf of all of us in Aker BioMarine

Sigmund Nordal

Director Marketing and QRILLPAWS


The QRILLPAWS team in Aker BioMarine 

Matts Johansen, CEO (and Femund Race musher)

Sigve Nordrum, EVP

Sigmund Nordal, Director Marketing and QRILLPAWS

Knut Heggen, VP Qrill Pet

Aysen Korucu, Senior Marketing Manager

Andrew Thorp Rice, Director Qrill Pet sales

Nina Brundtland Skullerud, Marketing Associate

Katrin Berntsen, Communications director

Marte Dalsegg, Content Manager

Lars Jacobsen, General legal counsel