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Welcome to Femundløpet 2020!

Welcome to Femundløpet 2020!

Foto: Dace Znotina

Welcome to Femundløpet /The Femund Race 2020, whether you are a participant, a volunteer or an avid spectator. Registration opens October 1st 2020 at 12:00.


New race class

We are opening a new race class after several inquiries in recent years. There is no qualification requirement. We recommend that participants in the class attend the rookie course that is organized, and try a race in advance. F200 can start with up to 8 dogs. The lower age limit is 18 years per NHF regulations. The F200 runs the same trail (Røros – Trysil) and is following the same race regulations as for the junior class.


Mentors follow FJunior, F200 and F450

We want to focus more on good guidance and execution before and during the race. We do this by strengthening the mentoring scheme. We have experienced in recent years that with good mentoring and guidance from experienced long-distance drivers, this helps participants become safer in their handling of the team. Dog welfare shall be the focus of the Femundløpet race. At the same time, we believe this can be a way to increases the number who complete the races. All participants in the Fjunior and F200 classes will have their own mentor. For the F450, a general offer is made to associate with one of our mentors.


Trail and checkpoints

The trail will be essentially the same as for the 2019 race.

For the F650, FJunior and F200 there will be minor adjustments to parts of the route between Drevsjø and Trysil. We are in dialogue with the landowners and will provide information on the final route this fall. The distance is not significantly changed.


For F650 and F450, the route in / out of the checkpoint Orkelbogen is changed from  2019.

The reason for the restructuring is that a landowner refuses to drive us 564 m over her property, after an already prepared skiing track, to checkpoint Orkelbogen.

The distance is not significantly changed.


The race runs through the same checkpoints as for 2019


Entry fee:

The same starting quotas are set as for 2019.


The regulations

We have finally managed to coordinate the race rules between NHF’s regulations, Finnmarksløpet and Femundløpet


New GPS tracking system

Finally! We have invested in a whole new tracker system. The GPS system is provided by Georacing and is satellite based. The system is used today i.a. of Tour de France, Rally de France, sailing regattas and more.

Follow our webpage for more info.


Femundløpet on TV

Yes, that’s the goal. Follow us for more info here


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