The first night

The first night

At the dawn of a new day in the Femund race, we have taken a look at the competition.

Of course, it’s too early to conclude who is the best, but we see exciting variations in the different mushers, and how they conduct their race. Time will tell what kind of end results this will give.

Monsen was in the lead Early in F650

Lars Monsen took the initiative. Not only did he race fast from Røros to Tufsingdalen, but he also went straight through checkpoint Drevsjø without rest. Thomas Wærner took his time to feed and change socks on the dogs before he followed. Most of the competitors took about two hours of rest in Tufsingdalen, because they consider that this will be good for rest of the race.

At Drevsjø it was Kristoffer Halvorsen, Helene Mulane and Petter Karlson who made an unexpected stunt and drove straight through the checkpoint and out in a very thick snowfall. Most likely, they have taken out some resting time in the trail after checkpoint Drevsjø, before approaching the mountains over to Littelerøåsen.

In F650 there are two mandatory resting points. A six-hour rest must be taken at one of the first three checkpoints, and the one other must be taken at one of the last two checkpoints. The majority of the participants have during the night, shown us that they will take the first mandatory rest at Trysil, after completing almost 22 miles. Of the participants who is in the competition for the top positions, it is only Ronny Frydelund who has taken out six hours of rest at Drevsjø. All the dogsleds look as they are healthy and are in good shape.

Exciting in F 450

In the limited class, all the participants have a fast and smooth pace. All of the participants who are racing to compete drove through Tufsingdal. They had something to eat and changed socks on the dogs, and then headed with full speed towards Drevsjø. It was exciting when Isabell Nykmark Baumann took the lead and also drove straight through Drevsjø. She has rested in the trail after Drevsjø. She won a limited class of 200 kilometres in Gausdal marathon three weeks ago, where she was in the lead all the way.

Maybe she’s going to complete in in a similar way. Most competitors took between two and three hours of rest at Drevsjø. Everyone must take out their mandatory rest plus time adjustments at one of the first three checkpoints. It seems that almost everyone will take out this rest at Søvollen. There it will become very busy in the morning and afternoon. The competition in the lead in F450 is close.

Rocket from Alta

Rarely has it been driven so fast in Femund Junior. Jan Tore Olsen has held an impressive pace up to Drevsjø. In the second stage, he actually drove twenty minutes faster than the fastest competitors in F650, and perhaps even on heavier tracks after a lot of snowfall throughout the night. Truls Tollefsen is behind him, but with a time difference of one hour. The trail drivers report about 30-40 cm of fresh snow some places in the mountains, where snow have drifted into the trails and collected itself. The conditions in the trails can impact the results in all classes.