The next Femund race starts February 1st, 2019 at 11:00am


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An overview of everyone who has entered the Femund race already.

The Femund race 2019 starts on Friday the 1st of February 2019

From the bottom of Kjerkgata in beautiful Røros, Norway, 150 – 200 dog teams start a spectacular journey. Passing the iconic Røros Church, breaking hard right and crossing the historic Malmplassen before they disappear into the magnificent nature of the Norwegian mountain region surrounding the Unesco World Heritage Site.

The registration is open! The Femund race has several race categories:

F 600: This is a 600km long, twelve-dog race. The F600 participants pass through all the eight checkpoints, where dogs can be rest and feed.

F 400: The second category is 400km long, has five checkpoints and is raced with an eight-dog team.

F Junior: This is a six-dog race of 200km and with two checkpoints. This race is for junior participants only.

The municipalities hosting the Femund race

Folldal, Os, Rendalen, Tolga, Engerdal, Tynset, Røros

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Os kommune
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