Changes in the track for F600

Changes in the track for F600

På bildet: Løypa fra Orkelbogen til Grimsbu og tilbake blir lengre enn i fjor. Erik Gjelten er ferdig med stikking av traseen og har fått til en god såle i sporet. Foto: Erik Gjelten

There will be some changes in the route and distance for the track between Orkelbogen and Grimsbu in F600. Due to poor snow conditions over the last couple of years, the track has gone over the Burud mountain. This year, however, we will follow the original plan made in 2015 when Orkelbogen first became a checkpoint. The trail will now go through “Dølvadsetra”, which will add 15 km distance each way. And updated track description is available on our website, under “The Track”.

Orkelbogen I – Grimsbu, changes from 60 to 75 km.

Grimsbu – Orkelbogen 2, changes from 68 to 83 km.

Total distance changes from 601 to 631 km.

In the photo: The track between Orkelbogen and Grimsbu and back will be longer than last year. Erik Gjelten is finished with poking the track and has made a good foundation. Photo by Erik Gjelten.