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Femund Inside – The Worlds largest dog race has never been closer

Femund Inside – The Worlds largest dog race has never been closer

Kurt Näslund. Foto: Sjur Åsgård

The Femund Race takes a step into the future. Last year, all of Norway enjoyed watching the impressive Femund race through the TV2 effort. The Femund Race has no intention to take a step back, and has decided to fill the void after the TV broadcast themselves. Through local expertise in Frontal Media AS, a brand new platform has been built to broadcast the Femund Race 2018.

In the picture: Kurt Näslund, Manging Director of Frontal Media AS.

Femund Inside aims to take the audience as close as possible to the race itself and the four-legged heroes as it is possible to come without participating.

We are investing heavily in streaming movies during the race. At start and finish, there will be cameras that capture most of the action. We will have people 24/7 to receive and process what is being sent from the track, explains Managing Director of Frontal Media AS Kurt Näslund.

During the race, there will be three web teams out in the field. Frontal Media has assembled video equipment that can send directly from the recording device to the Inside page. There are interviews with the participants during the race, glimpses from road passages, mood images from the mountains and reports from the checkpoints. One of the most important tasks of the web team is to explain the development of the competition and the contestants’ tactical positions. Marit Beate Kasin, who has a gold medal from the Norwegian Championship in the long distance open class and who normally works as a journalist, will be one of those who will convey the magic.

I love dogsledding! When I do not race myself, the next best thing is to transmit the sport to others, show why dog racing is so amazing. I am really looking forward to this, Kasin says enthusiastically.

Femund Inside is going to be a paid service. For NOK 99, – the audience will get access to everything posted before and during the race in 2018. The material from this race will remain in the archive when the next race and next Inside subscription start. Some content will still be published free of charge on the website, but this will primarily be informative things for participants and the public. The entertainment part will be accessible through Femund Inside.

A results service and GPS tracking are also included on Femund Inside. TrackYou, which is the tracker system used by the Femund Race, was purchased by Ingar Brennmoen and Amund Kokkvoll AS just before Christmas. Brennmoen has been responsible for both timing and tracking of the Femund Race for many years.

Femund Inside has collected many ideas from Iditarod in Alaska, the world’s most prestigious dog race. They have covered the race on a similar platform for many years.

Foto: Alexander Galak


Part of Femund Inside is the term Femund4All. The goal is to make the Femund Race available to everyone. In that lies pure entertainment through Femund Inside, but also the opportunity to take part in the experience. This year, dog sledding nearby Røros will be offered to visitors and spectators as a first taste of Femund4All, but the goal is that the term accommodates and offers much more in the years to come.

Anyone who wants can post pictures from the Femund race on Instagram with the tag #femund4all and #femundløpet2018. Some skilled local hobby photographers have already signed up to contribute. From 7-14 February, “today’s image” will be chosen among those who use #femund4all. The winners will receive prizes from our good partner Devold of Norway.

With these new steps, the Femund race will create value that will be used to further develop the race. This will provide us with a greater scope for action and a safer and more predictable economy in the long term” says Jon Anders Kokkvoll, Managing Director of Femundløpet AS.

Kokkvoll goes on to say it was important to cooperate with local partners in the new venture. According to Kokkvoll, there is a lot of expertise in the Røros area within both web design, media and technology.

The Femund Race must this year focus on its content. In addition, it is very important to take care of other media and provide a good framework for the job they are going to perform. Destination Røros has taken on the task of coordinating the press and media during the Femund Race.

We coordinate all work in advance and ensure that the press is well received and taken care of during the race. In addition, we collaborate with an American journalist who will document what will eventually become a marketable tourism product, says Erik Sandnes Høsøien, press contact.

Between Thursday and Sunday, this journalist will meet contestants, be present the F600 and F400 start, ride a dog sled on parts of the route and experience the mood at the checkpoints.

We are proud to be part of this new initiative and look forward to this year’s Femund Race, concludes Director of Tourism, Tove R. Martens.

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