As race organisers we wish for the participants to be best prepared and confident for the race. The mentor service is a volunteer based set-up where experienced mushers make themselves available to participants in the F200, Fjunior and F450 classes. No question is too trivial and those who need guidance or advice before the race are welcome to contact us. During the race the mentors will follow the FJunior and F200 classes and act as a support group at the checkpoints.

The mentors will provide the following services:

Advice on equipment

How to train

Checkpoint routines

Packing and preparation


Mental preparation

Dog care

….. and whatever else you may be wondering about….

Our mentors

Mentor Fjunior and F200

My name is Kristin Aasheim and I am a part of the mentor team for Femund race 2020. I started mushing when I was about 14 years old. In 1987 I went to Alaska and worked as a handler for a year. Ever since I have been an active musher – first in sprint in Norway and abroad and afterwards in long-distance and some mid-distance races. 

I have dedicated a lot of my free time to volunteer work for our local club and the Femund race. The past couple of years I have mainly been the handler for my daughter Ella, who luckily for me, shares my passion. 

To me mushing is about the small everyday pleasures, to meet new challenges, the bond with the dogs, to experience nature and the feeling of companionship and accomplishment. 

If I am able to share with others all these wonderful things that mushing has given me I will be very happy!

As a rookie to this race I am sure that you have many ideas and questions about how to prepare and compete in this race. Just call me for chat, no question is to stupid or to difficult – together we can find good solutions that will make you reach your goals this vinter!


Contact Kristin by phone: +47 930 00 721 or email: 

Mentor Fjunior and F200

My name is Vanessa Quinche and I was born and raised in Switzerland.  I am fluent in English, Spanish, French, German and Norwegian. In 2010 I moved to Norway and started a sleddog kennel with my husband Hernan. I have been mushing since 2002, and have mainly trained and raced young dogs. 

I worked as the General Manager of the Femundløpet from 2010 till 2014 and finally got to race my own team in the 2017 and 2018 F450 races. I know this race from the backstage and front stage and therefore believe that I can give good support and information to newcomers to this race. I also help organise Rookie courses in our local dogsled-club..

I am confident that every team that starts this race has the ability to cross the finish line. Freezing cold weather, blizzards, lack of sleep, unknown terrain, language issues, injuries and many other challenges that have to be overcome can make an inexperienced musher lose faith in his team and his dogs. As a mentor, I will help rookie mushers to be prepared, make the right decisions and give them support and encouragement to complete this great race.

Contact Vanessa by phone: +47 466 26 006 or email:

Mentor F450

My name is Roar Kvilvang. I got my first race experience in 1997 at the Femund F280. I participated with borrowed dogs and little experience. My first sled dog ride being just 2 months prior to the race. Little did I know what I was letting myself into! With the help of an experienced musher as my handler, my first race was a positive experience and the beginning of my 20 year mushing career. 

Two years after my first race I again participated at the Femund race, and this time with my own dogs. Thereafter I have participated in many races – Gausdal Maraton, Gruveløp, Finnmarksløpet, Amundsen race and of course the long and short Femund race. I have always had a little kennel and have therefore had to train and race according to my dogs capabilities. 

The bond with the dogs, great outdoor experiences and the Femund race have been my motivation all these years. 


Long-distance racing has ups and downs. Once I had to scratch from a race. The dogs were working fine and in good shape, but somehow I just ‘lost it’ and my handler team was not experienced enough to help me. After this I have often experienced that a good chat with a support team has helped me to complete races. I have also been a handler for several mushers and therefore also have that experience, which will be useful as I now make myself available as a mentor. 

*Non-english speaking

Contact Roar by phone: +47 977 10 585 or email: 

Mentor F450

My name is Hernan Maquieira and I am 44 years old. I am originally from Argentina and have lived in Folldal, Norway since 2010. I am a teacher in sports, English and Spanish. I am fluent in Spanish, English, Norwegian and French. 

I started mushing in 1994 in Argentina and have raced in all classes, but am most experienced in long-distance. I have participated in many races, the most memorable one being Iditarod in 2007. Vanessa and I own the kennel Spirit of Patagonia and right now we own 8 dogs. for 8 years we cooperated with Sigrid Ekran, training and racing her young dogs in addition to our own. 

Twice I have been an instructor at the sleddog summer camp organised by the Norwegian

sleddog federation. Kids between 13 and 18 years meet for a whole week and train in the various disciplines of sleddog sports. I am also the Vice-President of the NHF, since 2018. 

I feel that the mentor service is something where I can best contribute as a volunteer. I am convinced that all – dogs and musher alike – are capable of completing the race in a good way by taking the right decisions before and during the race. I would like to share my experience with anyone who is interested and give the opportunity for participants to have someone to talk to before the race and at the checkpoints during the race. 


Contact Hernan by phone: 469 08 169 or email: