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Participant info for the Femund race 2021

750 volunteers are waiting for you!

Here you can find important information about your participation. Most of this information is already available on our website, including program, description of the track, veterinary information, rules etc. It is your responsibility to make yourself acquainted with the rules and regulations as well as any other relevant information. Welcome to Røros!

Instagram and #femund4all

Participate in the competition and win products from our sponsor and partner Devold by tagging pictures with #femundlopet2021

Anyone can post pictures from the Femund Race on Instagram with the tag #femundlopet2021

Advertising on the participants’ hat/cap

With reference to chapter 3.7 in our regulations, the event organizer can make the participants carry advertising on their clothing or sled.
The county of Hedmark has made a substantial financial contribution to the Femund Race this year. The profiling agreement states their right to profiling on the participants’ sled. Appetitt by Felleskjøpet Agri has also bought advertisement space on the sleds. Two number plates will be handed out at registration and should be tied to each side of the sled.

Registration and secretariat

All registration takes place at the secretariat Thursday and Friday at Idrettsparken Hotel.

Dog identification / chips

A list of chip numbers for all your race dogs. Must be handed in at registration. The chip list may be downloaded and completed before you leave home.

Documentation on pre-race veterinary checks

As stated in the regulations for 2021and the veterinary information, there is a requirement for a pre-race veterinary check to take place at your own veterinary. Documentation confirming this must be handed over at registration. All necessary information can be found here.

Club adherence / starting licence / insurance

According to the rule § 6.10 of the Norwegian Sleddog Federation (NHF) all participants at official races of the NHF have to belong to a club associated to the NHF. The Femund race 2021 is an official NHF race. Foreign participants shall belong to a club of their national federation. Participants without association to a club (no team) can’t start.

You are able to buy a one-time licence from the NHF upon registration in Røros. If you have a valid Norwegian licence this is valid as insurance.

All participants must have a valid accident and liability insurance to start the race. We also recommend all participants to have a travel insurance.

Files for downloading

Here you will find downloadable PDF-files with the chip list for the registration of your race dogs and the declaration for the rules and mandatory equipment for The Femund Race 2021.

Race café

Rørosvidda Hotel (Idrettsparken) has a café that is open while the secretariat and the race office are staffed. We recommend everyone to use Rørosvidda Hotel as the race café.

Finish line

All classes will start and finish in Røros

Toll roads and parking fees

There is a toll road and a parking fee at checkpoint Søvollen and Orkelbogen. Checkpoint Drevsjø also has a parking fee.

To get your ticket for the prize ceremony, you need to return all the equipment given to you. If you do not finish the race (DNF), you return the equipment to the closest checkpoint, please remember to return the equipment. If you do not return the equipment, you will be invoiced with NOK 5.000.

Contact information

Secretariat, Åste Øverby
(+47) 936 58 246

Head of race, Rune Hesthammer
(+47) 416 64 763

Head veterinarian, Arild Jøssund
(+47) 952 14 880

Tracks, Linda Frost
(+47) 953 38 806

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